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- Detroit Club Style Ballroom Dancing
- Chicago Style Stepping (8 count)
- Line Dancing


Want to learn how to Step?  If So join the United Stepper 8 week basic stepping class.  Contact US for details.  You could be in the next graduating class!

Several Options to learn:
Group Classes
Private Lessons
Boot camp workshops

Line Dance Methods

Line dancing is good exercise
It's a widely recognized fact that exercise is good for you. It can increase your life-span and it makes you feel good.
Line dancing has the advantage of being a very social form of exercise, so you can meet people and make new friends while exercising.  

Line dancing is fun
Another advantage of line dancing is that you don't need a partner and you don't feel out of place if you're not dancing with anyone.
You could say that at a line dance, you're dancing with everybody!
It's OK to go to a line dance and just dance on your own, but you will often end up chatting with some of the like-minded     people you'll meet there.


Line Dance Of the Month

November  2008 - Supper Bad
December  2008 - Shorty
January 2009 - Down south shuffle
February 2009 - Chuck baby
March / April 2009 - DLH Exclusive and Why you Follow Me
May 2009 - Chocolate and Why you Follow Me
June  - August 2009 - LDC Funk
September 2009 - In the line of Duty
October 2009 - Turbo Hustle and Tamberine
Novermber 2009 - Bikers Shuffle
December  2009 - Bikers Shuffle and Ask Myself
January 2010 - Sha-Ron
February 2010 - Sha-Ron and Ask Myself
Summer 2010 - Same Ole 2 Step Line Dance and Brand New Slide
Winter 2010 - Same Ole 2 Step Line Dance and Brand New Slide
January 2011 - The Box
Febuary - June 2011 - The Box, Brand New Slide and Zydeco Bounce
Summer 2011 - Steel Horseman, S/C Hustle, Rock City Shuffle
Winter 2011 - Steel Horseman, S/C Hustle, Rock City Shuffle
Winter/Spring 2012 - Work it Like a Pro, Grandaddy, Hood Walk
Winter/Spring - Enchanchment, K-wang, Ms. Jodys Thang, Humbug
Summer / Fall 2013 - Blurred lines