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Our Mission is to use the power of dance to promote health while restoring self-esteem and the male and female interaction. We are devoted to your dancing needs.  Visit regularly to qualify for free prizes and gift specials.

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of Milwaukee,wI

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Perspective on Steppin'

Evolution of a Dance

 The Evolution of a Chicago Dance

Steppin originated in Chicago's African American community as a dance formerly referred to as the BOP, a smooth calm dance of striding, gliding, dipping, and dabbing to music by popular African American big bands and singing groups during the late 50's and early 60's. Events were host at places like Chicago's Savoy, The Club Delisa, The Time square, The Checkerboard, etc. There were also the famous rent party, quarter party, waist line party, or basement party on smaller neighborhood scales. Read more

Whats steppin?

What is Steppin?

Steppin is currently one of the most popular aspects of America's social climate, gaining popularity at a very rapid pace, manifesting in many major cities, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Houston, Milwaukee, L.A., Oakland, Seattle, and other heavy populated areas. Read more







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